Should Your Guy Be Worried About Losing You?

Should Your Guy Be Worried About Losing You?

Most guys will make the effort to impress you at the start of a relationship. But over time and when things become familiar, the many things that were done to impress you may simply slow down or completely stop. If he starts to believe you will always be there, there is likely to be a lot less effort put into the relationship. When the relationship starts to show these signs, you need to show that you are prepared to walk away if he continues to neglect you. If he does really want to be with you, he will make the necessary changes and treat you better.

Let’s take a look at a few things that can let a guy know he is losing you:

Don’t make so much effort

If a partner starts to expect too much, it may be time for you to stop making such an effort. This may relate to simply taking you for granted for everyday things like doing his grocery shopping, planning dates, or cooking his dinner.

Even if you stop doing the small things for a short period, this action is certain to make him realize he shouldn’t rely on you so much and give a big wake up call. Basically, if you are able to treat him much the same way as he treats you, it will encourage him to stand on his own feet. This can be an effective way to let your guy know that he isn’t treating you right.

If he does start to complain about the way you are acting, you can simply say you are doing much the same as he is. You want to make sure your relationship doesn’t become too one-sided, which can simply cause a lot of problems in the long-term.

Go out with friends

Getting a regular break from your partner can be very helpful for a relationship. Many couples over a period of time simply spend their time together and rarely leave the house without each other. This isn’t likely to make a healthy relationship for the long-term.

Make sure to go out with friends on occasion with your partner left at home. Try to have fun during this time and avoid thinking about what he may be up to or to check your phone in the evening.

Once you show that you are able to be independent, there is the likelihood that your partner with start to feel he is missing out and realize that he really needs you in his life. Also, if you spend all your time together, your presence in his day-to-day life is not likely to be something special. You want to make him feel like he is missing out on something, and will therefore look to get more involved with you.

Suggest a break

Taking a short break can either make you realize that it is time to be single or it could save the relationship. This can be a very effective way to make things clearer if you aren’t entirely sure if you want to make a long-term commitment.

For many couples, a break can be an effective wake up call that can really see one or both parties change their ways and be more considerate towards each other. Also, it isn’t worth bluffing about a break. So, if your partner does agree to the break you will need to go through with it and cut off communication.

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