Don’t Do This To Her

Don’t Do This To Her

You are in a relationship, everything is in the open between you and your partner. There is nothing in this world that you can’t do or ask between the two of you. But you are all human. There are deeper aspects of the relationship that you may need to ask about.
However way you choose to go about them please do not do this to her…

Don’t Be Unfair

She is he person whom you have decided to be exclusive. Always try to look at her in a positive light. She is the last person you would wish harm to come her way. Why do you want to be unfair to her?

Why do you want to judge your partner the same way you judge your friends! She is special that’s why you chose her.

If you don’t like something about her, don’t you think it is wise to talk to her in a way she gets to know what you would have preferred be done.

Some habits are hard to shake off and if your partner makes an effort to fight off that nagging one, a rewarding kiss or a big hug would be a hood way to appreciate her effort. This small gesture will steer her in tune.

No Blame Game

You do not want to create or increase the level of distrust. No heart can be warmed when you keep blaming instead of taking responsibility for your actions. You could be blaming her for something you initiated. Create a problem solving atmosphere in an open way that makes her feel included. This way of sorting problems will lead to a healthier relationship.

Do Not Confront Your Partner in Public or Private

As you walk the path of love as one, Chances are that, whatever irks you will make her angrier. An honest communication between the two of you cannot create a room for unnecessary altercations. Focus on what she says before you respond. Your response should be void of criticism, blame or demands. when the two of you are angry chose to be with and steer the conversation in a less angry tone. She will only calm down when you show that you understand why she is angry and you trying to sort it out.

Do Not Try to Change What You Don’t Understand

What’s upsetting her?… She looks unsettled and the first thing you want to tell her is ‘relax sweetheart’. Kindly try to understand what is bothering her first. If there was none she would be so comfortable on your lap. To show her your curiosity and openness on the matter is the biggest step in making her relax.

Don’t Break up With Your Partner Twice

If you are in the habit of breaking in and out of your relationships, one of this days you will end up alone and sorry. If you want a break up, say it and get through with it so it doesn’t look like a threat or an attention seeking antic.
Create a calm environment to initiate the break up conversation. Don’t do this in the middle of an argument. Your anger may cloud your judgement on what she has to say about the breakup.

Don’t Put Her on a Defensive Mode

You either trust her or you don’t. If you don’t please walk away because she doesn’t have to explain to her close friends why it is difficult for her to believe in you.

Don’t be Silent on Difficult and Uncomfortable Things

Your partner is in the relationship because of what she believes in. What you believe in is an addition to her own self-worth and confidence in the relationship. Talk openly about your fears. She will feel involved and open up on the uncomfortable truths that initially you could not talk about. Doing this is more like fighting your own insecurities with the help of your partner.

A long, stable, and lasting relationship depends on how you view your partner, how you relate to your partner, how you communicate with your partner and most vital is how you listen to your partner.

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