How to Find Your Soul Mate – Know Thyself (4 Tips for Women)

How to Find Your Soul Mate – Know Thyself (4 Tips for Women)

Do you really know yourself? I’m not talking about superficial stuff like your favorite color or dress size. Know thyself is always the first rule because self-awareness is essential to everything, especially finding a soul mate. How can you seek to understand another when you lack a deep understanding of yourself? This article presents four tips to help you get acquainted.

4 Tips

Clarify your values.

Values are strong beliefs. They say everything about you. With that said, what do you stand for? Someone once said, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Is there a guiding philosophy directing how you think and behave? Moreover, what is most important concerning relationships? Can two walk together except they be agreed (Amos 3:3)?

Likewise, do you know your limitations? Simply put, do you consider certain values to be non-negotiable? At some point, everyone draws a line. The point is to not lose sight of yourself and become blinded by emotions. Avoid unnecessary confusion and heartache; clarify what you believe.

Acknowledge your strengths.

If you’re waiting for a knight in shining armor to ride in and save the day or sweep you off your feet, don’t hold your breath; the chances are slim. Now I’m not saying that God can’t send a miracle your way. While you’re in a holding pattern, nevertheless, take stock of your abilities. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).

Never forget that you’ve been uniquely equipped with skills, talents, and special qualities. Yes, you are endowed with something to bring to the relationship. Furthermore, you’re not looking for your soul mate to tell you who you are or what you have. He confirms what you already know.

Be honest with yourself.

In addition to being aware of your strengths, take stock of your shortcomings. No one is perfect; you’re human. At the same time, don’t pretend to be something that you are not. Be yourself. If you must put on a performance to be accepted something’s wrong.

Understand your personality type.

This tip is priceless. You have a personality that clicks in certain environments, and it clicks better with certain people. Are you type A or B? Extrovert or introvert? A personality assessment will provide answers to these questions and more. You deserve to know.

Hence, understanding your personality type benefits you in three ways. First, you gain insight about why you think and behave a certain way. Second, you discover the differences between the various personality types. Third, you uncover important information about your interactions with others.

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